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What is Pipe Relining and How Does it Work?

Pipe relining is an innovative plumbing solution that resolves common issues without interrupting school activities. This trenchless method employs an epoxy mixture to create a strong barrier within the pipes, resulting in relined pipes that outperform new ones in durability.

Peakhurst Plumbing, your local pipe relining experts, are the proud providers of this cutting-edge technology. Our experts manage the pipe relining process as follows:

  • First, our team conducts an in-depth examination of your plumbing systems to pinpoint the precise issue at hand.
  • Next, we meticulously clean and prepare the damaged pipes for the relining process.
  • Then, we insert an epoxy lining tube saturated with resin into the pipe, employing high-pressure tactics to ensure a snug, secure fit.
  • The liner is then expanded to press the epoxy tightly against the pipe’s inner walls.
  • The epoxy then cures over a few hours, reinforcing the existing pipe with a tougher, longer-lasting inner layer.

This minimally invasive technique effectively addresses blocked pipes, delivering a multitude of benefits for all pipe systems, including:

  • minimal impact on your premises
  • More affordable than traditional pipe replacement methods
  • More efficient water flow and significantly increased longevity
  • Environmentally friendly solution

Choosing pipe relining provides schools a robust and lasting solution to plumbing problems, with several extra benefits.

Why Schools Might Consider Pipe Relining

There are several compelling reasons why schools in Sydney should consider pipe relining to address their plumbing issues:


Installing a new drain pipe system in a school is costly and requires tearing up concrete floors – a significant nuisance in any educational setting. Pipe relining is notably more cost-effective than complete replacement, especially for sewer pipes.

Minimally Invasive

Pipe relining, a superior technique, does not require the excavation of floors and walls, unlike conventional methods.

Longer Lasting

When properly installed, pipe relining, particularly for sewer pipes, can last over 50 years. This longevity overshadows that of new pipe installations, which typically fail after 25-30 years.

Environmentally Friendly

Our specialists guarantee that pipe relining is toxin-free and reduces construction waste. This process offers an eco-friendly way to rejuvenate old pipe systems.

With pipe relining from the specialists at Peakhurst Plumbing, schools can bypass expensive, disruptive pipe replacement projects and ensure the well-being and safety of students and staff.

Contact us to find tailored plumbing services that meet your school’s specific needs.

Cost Savings Compared to Traditional Pipe Replacement

When it comes to saving on pipe repairs, pipe relining offers substantial cost savings compared to traditional replacement.

Here’s a breakdown of average costs for a typical school bathroom:

Pipe ReplacementPipe Relining
- Labour: $5,000- Labour: $2,500
- Materials: $3,000- Materials: $1,200
- Jackhammering: $2,000- Equipment: $800
Total: $10,000Total: $4,500

Pipe relining achieves more than 50% cost savings over full pipe replacement. And with Peakhurst Plumbing’s competitive relining rates, schools can achieve even greater savings.

Additional financial benefits pipe relining provides include:

  • Minimal interference with school activities means less disruption
  • With a 50+ year lifespan, relined pipes avoid recurring pipe failures
  • Improved water flow from relining can reduce utility bills.

Reach out to us today to explore how pipe relining can benefit your school both operationally and financially.

Minimizing Disruption to School Activities

One of the chief advantages of pipe relining for schools is its minimal disruption, far less than traditional pipe repair or sewer line repair using conventional methods.

While replacing an entire pipe system may take over a week and entail jackhammering into the concrete floor, pipe relining is usually completed in 1-2 days, providing a swifter solution compared to traditional pipe repairs.

Benefits That Maintain School Routines

  • Much less noise and mess than pipe replacement
  • No need to tear up floors or walls
  • Work is frequently achievable over a single weekend
  • Saves thousands in facility repair costs
  • Averts the need for cancelling classes or altering schedules

Where possible, your pipes can be relined during a school break or over a weekend, ensuring minimal disruption to the daily routines of students and teachers with our no dig philosophy.

We prioritise minimising disruption to the academic environment when undertaking pipe relining projects. Committed to preserving school operations, we deliver an advanced pipe relining solution to upgrade your plumbing network.

Contact us today to explore our pipe relining solutions, designed to refresh your pipes with almost zero disruption.

Improved School Infrastructure and Environments

By choosing modern pipe repair methods like pipe relining, schools can upgrade their plumbing system infrastructure, bolstering health, safety, and sustainability across campus environments.

Pipe relining excels as a minimally invasive process that strengthens existing pipes internally, without major disruption. This not only avoids leaks and bursts that can harm school property and serves as a defence against tree root encroachment that threatens pipe integrity.

With robust epoxy-lined pipes that are resistant to cracks, corrosion and tree roots, schools can foster safer, healthier infrastructure and learning spaces, including:

  • No more damp classrooms or soggy playing fields from pipe leaks
  • Reduced risk of water damage to library books, computers and other assets
  • Bathrooms and amenities like your toilet facilities that aren’t at risk of shutdown from plumbing issues
  • Enhanced hygiene across school grounds with reliable plumbing

Pipe relining also results in notable environmental advantages. By reinforcing your existing pipes rather than replacing them, this trenchless technology generates less construction rubbish and requires fewer raw materials.

Peakhurst Plumbing can expertly enhance your pipes during weekends or school breaks, ensuring uninterrupted academic schedules. Get in touch to understand how our innovative, environmentally friendly relining solutions can resolve your plumbing challenges.

Student and Staff Health Benefits

Revitalising old pipes with pipe relining greatly enhances the health of students and faculty in schools.

Pipe relining with robust epoxy barriers renews old plumbing systems, preventing leaks and bursts that threaten health. This safeguards the health of students, staff, and all individuals who interact with campus facilities daily.

Cleaner, Safer Water

Relined pipes prevent cracks and corrosion, ensuring schools have better water quality and clean, safe hot water access in all facilities.

Reduced Hazards

Untended plumbing issues can escalate, with broken pipes leading to health hazards such as slippery wet floors and perilous excavations. Pipe relining negates these risks by fortifying ageing plumbing before major failures occur.

Respiratory & Allergy Relief

Our services prevent leaks from worn pipes, thus protecting against issues like mould and mildew. By sealing pipes, relining inhibits allergy triggers and improves air quality.

Peakhurst Plumbing employs advanced relining technology to maintain a secure, healthy infrastructure for students and faculty.

Contact us today to arrange plumbing maintenance with relining – an innovative investment in your school’s health.

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