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Health Risks Blocked Drains
Health Risks of Blocked Drains

Blocked drains allow water to stagnate, breeding bacteria that cause illness. Backed up sewage also leaks to damage homes, grow mold and attract pests. Getting drains professionally unblocked protects health and prevents building damage. Contact us to safely clear blockages.

Hot Water? ’
No Hot Water? Here’s What To Do

If you have no hot water at home, first check your water heater, thermostat and gas/electrical supply for any issues. If that doesn’t restore hot water, call a professional plumber right away for emergency repairs before the problem worsens.

gas safety certificate?
What is a gas safety certificate?

A gas safety certificate, also called a gas safety record, is a legal document you receive from a Gas Safe registered engineer after they inspect the gas appliances in your home or rental to ensure they are safe and compliant.

Storm Drain Relining ?
Is Storm Drain Relining Available?

Storm drain relining is a trenchless method to repair damaged or blocked pipes without excavation. It uses a resin that seals cracks and joints. Contact us to learn about relining for your storm drains.

Natural Gas Propane Differences
Natural Gas vs Propane Differences

Natural gas is extracted from underground and piped to homes while propane is a byproduct of natural gas or oil, stored in tanks and delivered. Propane delivers more BTUs but natural gas is cheaper.

Gas Fitting Home Construction
Gas Fitting for New Home Construction

When building a new home in Peakhurst, proper gas fitting is critical. This involves getting permits, laying pipes, installing appliances and more. Our licensed gas fitters can handle the entire process for you.

Prepare Hot Water Winter
Prepare Your Hot Water For Winter

Extreme weather can damage your hot water system. Insulate exposed pipes, drain sediment from the tank, and maintain proper water temperature to prevent issues. Call a professional to prepare for winter weather.

Landlord Gas Safety Checks Victoria
Landlord Gas Safety Checks In Victoria

Victorian law requires landlords to arrange gas safety checks by certified gasfitters every 2 years. Checks cover appliances, fixtures & pipework. Contact us for reliable, certified inspections using our handy checklist.

Pipe Relining Benefits Schools
Pipe Relining Benefits For Schools

Pipe relining is a trenchless method to repair damaged pipes in schools. It extends pipe lifespan 50+ years with no digging required, avoiding property damage.

Recalibrate Hot Water Efficiency
Recalibrate Hot Water Efficiency

Improving the efficiency of your hot water system can save energy and money. Recommended steps include lowering the temperature setting to 60°C, overriding off-peak settings, flushing mineral deposits, and upgrading to more efficient systems like heat pumps, solar or instantaneous.

gas heaters safe indoors?
Are gas heaters safe indoors?

Gas heaters can be used safely indoors if they are properly installed, maintained, and ventilated. Key things to ensure are using heaters designed for indoor use, annual servicing by professionals, keeping doors/windows open, and installing carbon monoxide alarms.

Detect Fix Water Hammers
How to Detect and Fix Water Hammers

Loud banging noises from your pipes is called water hammer. It’s caused by shockwaves through pipes when valves suddenly close. Water hammer can seriously damage pipes so it’s important to fix. Here are 8 simple, low-cost ways to detect the issue and stop water hammers for good.

Evolution Drainage Systems Time
The Evolution of Drainage Systems Over Time

Drainage systems have transformed dramatically over history, progressing from manual drainage techniques used in ancient civilizations to the sustainable and effective methods we see today. Early drainage focused on removing wastewater, but modern systems also manage stormwater runoff and flooding.

Modern Gas Appliance Technologies
Modern Gas Appliance Technologies

Various modern technologies and innovations exist today for gas appliances, ranging from smart controls to improved burner systems. These provide efficiency, performance, convenience and environmental benefits. Options include induction, e-methane and hybrid systems.

Relight Gas Water Heater’ Pilot Light
Relight Your Gas Water Heater’s Pilot Light

To relight the pilot light on your gas water heater, locate the access panel and turn off the gas. Turn the knob to the 'pilot’ position, then repeatedly press the igniter button to generate a spark until a flame appears. Continue holding the knob down for 30 seconds after lighting before releasing.

Dealing scale & descaling hot water systems
Dealing with scale & descaling in hot water systems

If you notice reduced water flow, fluctuating temperatures or scale buildup in your Peakhurst hot water system, professional descaling is needed to remove limescale before permanent damage occurs.

Signs relined pipe attention
Signs a relined pipe needs attention

Frequent drain clogs, gurgling sounds, sewage odors, and water pooling around your home point to issues with a previously relined pipe. Have a licensed plumber inspect and service the pipe to prevent backups and flooding.

Pipe Relining Practices Benefits
Pipe Relining Best Practices and Benefits

Pipe relining involves inserting a resin-coated liner into existing pipes to repair damage without digging. It saves time and money compared to replacement. The main methods are CIPP, spiral winding, slip lining and spray lining. Contact us to learn more about pipe relining benefits.

Signs Septic Tank Pumping
Signs Your Septic Tank Needs Pumping Now

If you notice slow drains, foul sewage odors, or soggy areas in your yard, your septic tank is probably full and needs immediate service. Call us today for same-day septic pumping to prevent backup and damage.

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